The creator, God, gives. That is what he does. He gives life, sustains life, he grants eternal life. He desires to give and in order to give there must be a receiver. We are that receiver. So in each of us is a created desire to receive. We were created with that desire so that we could receive what God has to give.

We have lots of desires and many of us spend a great deal of time asking to have our desires fulfilled by God. This is the baseline of our relationship with God. He desires to give, we desire to receive.

So if God's desire is to give and our desire is to receive then it seems a perfect relationship, but that is not true because we are here not to just continually receive. God is complete, we are 'broken' into pieces. We are here to learn and grow, we are here to become like and become one with the Father.

At it's simplest form, we are here to learn how to have the desire to give. A desire to receive cannot create, it only takes, but the desire to give can become a creator.

How can we learn to have the desire to give? How can we learn how to be come creators? We obey. We follow the teachings of the Master and seek to always please God in all we do. We develop the desire to please God through our every action, regardless of any pleasure we may or may not feel in doing so. We move from being egoists to being altruists. This is how we begin to build our connection to God and become one with our brothers and sisters (Adam).

In the beginning was Adam. From Adam came Eve. We are all Adam. It is as if Adam was broken into billions of pieces - into all of us. We, Adam, have lost the oneness we once had with each other and with our creator. We are here to become one again so we can become more than we were.

Our self-centered desires, our egos, and our desires to receive must be corrected. We must turn outward, seek to please the Creator and desire to please God above pleasing ourselves and we do that through doing all He has commanded.

We are here to change not simply to do. If I watch a commercial asking me to donate to help the needy and my desire is not to give, but over time I feel guilty and give anyway, I may as well not have given at all. What I have given will not change those I give to nor will it help to change me. My desire is still egotistical. But if I desire to give to both understand and please God I am closer to becoming one with him.

Desires, as Neal A Maxwell once said, "...become real determinants..."

May I always desire to please my creator above any desire I may have for myself.


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