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The Best Gift of All

Based on observation alone there is purpose to life, I am certain, and that purpose is individual, meaning that our lives are for us and about us. One small part of the reason why I am convinced of this fact is the way circumstances in our life change. 

In my experience life offers us lessons that we need, when we learn the lesson being offered, our life changes (our circumstance, the great teacher - changes) and we are then free to learn new and hopefully higher lessons - we progress. But when we resist the lesson(s) our circumstance offers the intensity of the lesson will increase and we are more strongly encouraged to accept the lesson being offered and grow - our emotional pain increases, our physical selves worsen, life generally gets harder and either we respond to the worsening condition and begin to learn what we need to learn or we experience more pain - of various sorts, that will continue to increase until we are willing to accept the lesson offered. If we do not accept th…