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The Justice and Mercy Within

Believer or not, we all have a sense of Justice and Mercy. I have yet to meet a child that has not said "That is not fair" nor is there a parent that has not responded "Life is not fair". From a very early age we have an inate sense that life is intended to be just.

When I reflect on where I am in my spiritual journey, I often recall a time many years ago when I got on my knees in prayer, angry and confused saying something like:

"God, I know you are there. I need you, I want you in my life but I do not believe that you are the judgmental and damning god as so many say you are, and if you are - I will not follow you. I want a relationship with you and I believe that you want a relationship with me. I throw away all the dogma I have learned and seek a relationship with you. A one on one relationship between you and I - let's start over."

This was one of the most uncomfortable prayers I have yet to pray but it was also one of the most genuine. I told G…