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To My Friends...from now and from then

When I say or have ever said - I love you - I mean: I Love YOU!

If I said it once, I meant it forever.

My love does not die, it can be suppressed, ignored and beaten with hate, but underneath that denial, the love lives on.

When I said I love you, I was not saying I love what you do or that I love what you believe, that I love what you have, how you look or even how you treat me to my face or behind my back.

I am saying I love who you are.

Who you are is not the sum of your actions, your actions are mere expressions. Expressions of desires to fulfill, needs to be met, wants to be gotten, but who you are is far greater than any of those.

I have known you very intimately, you have known me, we have shared a great deal, in that sharing I have come to know and love your heart.

Hearing one another's pain, sharing our struggles, supporting one another in joy and sorrow, through the pain and often in pleasure - I came to know you, the person behind the expressions, actions and beliefs -…