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Created For More

As a convert and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for just under 5 years, memories of my 12-year investigation remain relatively fresh in my mind. There are moments and events that are touch-points in my decision to be baptized. Many of these touch-points are the basic tenets of the church, they are truths I had learned in other religions and spiritual experiences that I had, some long before my first meeting the missionaries. One of these primary doctrinal truths is that of progression.
The truth of progression was one that came as no surprise to me, but rather it was a confirming relief and a validation of heavenly logic that was quickly and quite easily verified by the Spirit.
Through scripture and experience, I have learned that progression is not just about becoming like God, it is about a Heavenly Father that wants us to have a fullness of joy, and that fullness of joy is only found in our receiving all that he has, in becoming what He is. Yes, our progre…