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The Condition of Joy

If you were to look up the word Joy in a standard dictionary you would find a definition that defines joy as ‘a feeling of great happiness’. There have been times in my life when I have experienced joy so powerful that, like the grinch on Christmas morning, it felt as if my heart was physically expanding. Feelings of joy this intense are rare, but they happen and when they do, they are memorable.

Joy is a feeling of great happiness but there is more to joy than the worldly definition, can capture.

The Guide to the Scriptures defines joy as “A condition of great happiness coming from righteous living’.  The difference between the world’s definition of joy and joy as defined by scripture is striking.

Generally, when we think of joy, we think of it as periodic, the feeling arrives, it passes and is then followed by another emotion, we think of joy as a periodic emotion, but there is a depth to joy that penetrates deeper than feelings. The joy that concerns us is a condition.

We as belie…