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In Memory of Freddie Sue Nance Adelson

Some of my favorite stories from my mother’s life were the stories that she shared with me as her life came to an end. 
These stories were the memories of a woman who had lived close to 100 years and knew the world in ways few alive today can.  
She spoke of riding a horse to school during the times when her family had no car. These school days stories included her confession that she ran the horse home as fast as he could go and that her grandfather would be upset because the horse was needed in the fields and if he was too tired he could do the work set before him. 
There was the story of her grandfather making a fishing pole from a stick, teaching her how to bait the hook with worms so she go fishing in a pond located on the farm. She would fish for hours but never caught a fish, eventually learning that the pond had no fish and the entire endeavor was her grandfather’s way to teach her patience. 
I heard about her pet goat named Billy, her waving to train conductors as the trains race…